Boxing Training

boxing training

Interest in boxing as a spectator sport has always been popular but what about taking up boxing as a sport or leisure activity? Here we take a look at how to go about it plus what it entails.

Join a Boxing Club

Probably the best way to take up boxing is to join a bonefide boxing club that is run by qualified instructors plus has all the safety aspects covered especially when it comes to begginers. There are hundreds of these clubs up and down the country meaning would be boxers will have no difficulty finding one. The Amateur Boxing Association in England provides a list of clubs around the country where you can find information that will enable you to find a club local to you.

Your club will tell you that boxing in the amateur world is not an aggressive sport but is based on skill and technique. Amateurs wear protective head gear, boxing gloves and boxers will only participate in three, three minute rounds as opposed to twelve rounds that professionals engage in. Naturally it will cost you to join a boxing club but subscriptions are no more expensive than your average gym membership, while most clubs will have a code of practice that members are required to abide by. Typical rules include no spitting, no bad language, respect for others and respect for equipment.

Most clubs will tell members that boxing is a skill and is not to be used in public as a form of aggression. Men and women are welcome in most clubs, indeed boxing has become more popular for women due to Nicola Adams winning Gold in boxing at the 2012 London Olympics.

Nicola Adams


Training is very important when taking up boxing in order to keep fit and ensure fitness levels. There are naturally certain exercises that will help you become a more accomplished boxer. Let's take a look at some of them.

Knee & Leg Ups

Knee and Leg Ups will improve your core strength which is vital for boxers and really all fighters. Your core influences how you can move, your balance and your footwork. Start with knee ups using a pull up bar or anywhere you can comfortably dangle (this has the benefit of also working your fore arms, fingers and grip strength too). After knee raises become too easy move on to half extended leg ups and then full extended leg ups.

Inclined Push Ups

Boxing Training: Push Ups

Inclined push ups build strength and power in the upper body, while boxers use them to build up their chest, triceps and shoulders depending on your arm span when doing them. Narrow push ups will focus more on the tripes and wider ones will focus on the chest and shoulders. The more of an incline you do the push ups on the better the workout as weight becomes increasingly focused on the arms.

Stronger boxers and martial artists move on to one armed push ups showing levels of supreme strength.

Heavy Bag Workouts

Heavy Bag Workouts improve speed, power and endurance while also improving your overall boxing skills.

Skipping, Hitting Bags, Roadwork, Lifting Weights, Sparring

All of the above will improve your boxing skills and will be covered when you join your boxing club. Sparring sessions are really important and will teach boxers techniques that are important in the ring. Watch a typical sparring session here

Can Boxing Be a Safe Hobby?

Kids Boxing

We don't traditionally think of taking up boxing as a hobby as it is associated with fighting and we don't neccessarily want our children to be encouraged to engage in what we see as violence. Boxing has a bad press in this regard as boxing clubs up and down the country will emphasise that boxing is not to be used for aggression. Boxing is in fact a great sport to take up as a hobby for children, men and women alike. Fitness levels of those who take up boxing are much improved, indeed are very impressive after only a few month engaged in the sport.

Boxing is not only great for physical well being but it is mentally a real plus. Boxers learn to channel feelings and emotions which in turn brings great stress relieving advantages. Boxing can be your hobby of choice simply to fulfill the aforementioned, you don't neccessarily want to box as a way of using the skill for self defence although it does come in handy as it gives you a feeling of confidence in that you are able to handle yourself physically.

Some gyms use boxing training as a means of helping clients to lose weight and get fit. Learning to spar is not only fun but is also a great cardiovascular workout. People who are interested in taking up boxing to learn self defence and maybe eventually enter competitions will be best served by joing a boxing club. Those of us who wish to learn boxing exercises to get fit can simply join a gym that facilitates this.

Obviously boxing as a combat sport can have its dangers but by joining a professional club where the trainers are qualified will lessen the risks immensely. As for kids it is really up to parents to decide whether this is the hobby for their children. Some gyms and clubs offer Thai Boxing lessons for kids as young a five, this is another boxing alternative to the traditional type. 

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