Kick Boxing 3D Game

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In Kick Boxing by you can play a quick match or normal mode. There are 4 characters to choose from to start with, they are:

  • Patriot
  • Warrior
  • Dragon
  • Gipsy
  • Once you choose your character you will be squared off against an opponent. The controls work as such:

  • Arrow Keys - To Move
  • Fast Move or Shuffle - Tap swiftly either the left or right arrow key twice
  • Punch - X
  • High Attack - C
  • Special Move - Space Bar
  • The game is shot in 3D although it doesn't allow you to move around the landscape completely freely, rather that you can move back and forth and the screen rotates as you shift further away or nearer your opponent in typical fashion of games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter.

    As you defeat different opponents you are rewarded with new characters and moves to play with. Whilst the game is a web one we did expect a bit more free movement of your character. At present the game is rather restrictive to how your character reacts and how fast he is able to execute a desired move - it does pretty much feel like an old school fighter that is trying to make it's way from the tradition 2D scene set by fighting games such as Street Fighter through to a pure 3D fighting game.

    For a web game it does a rather good job at modelling the fighters well to look realistic although we would have liked to have seen a bit of blood and bruising on you or your opponent as their health deteriorates. The special moves are also somewhat uninspiring so if your looking for a more interative and entertaining fighting experience then recommend you try out Street Fighter 2 CE web edition. Even though it's pure 2D it retains the excellent collection of moves that each original character possesses in the SNES version now available on Wii U and will leave you more satisfied when executed the special moves of any of the wide variety of colourful and awesome fighters.